Jan 31, 2023

February Newsletter - Plant Health Care, Lawn Care Deals, and more!

Yikes, It's already February.

Most importantly we would like to inform you that the annual Plant Health Care contracts have been mailed. If you did not receive your plan for 2023 please let us know. This is the first year we are offering a 5% discount for early pre-pay. Don't forget to take advantage of that.

Remember that your Plant Health Care services auto-renew. If you would like to make changes for the 2023 season please let the office know @ 720-535-8769.

If you signed up for either the Gold or Platinum Lawn Care package, your first Mite spray will take place this month and we will notify you when we are planning on coming.

Water, water, water! Even though saturation has been high you need to water your trees. Let us know if we can help.

We are currently offering 10% OFF pruning and removal contracts signed before 3/1/23!


Time is running out to get your flowering and fruiting trees pruned. Pruning must take place before bud-break takes place. It is important to manage "fireblight" by cutting it out during the dormant season. If left to spread it can be fatal to infected branches and spread rapidly to others.

Our Mother's Day 20" snow bomb has become an annual reality, and has a knack for breaking heavy branches. Pruning them now to reduce long heavy branch ends can help reduce the risk of future storm damage. Also, tree structure can be seen and fixed easier without fighting leaf material.

STOP harming your plants with cheap herbicides!

This is why we are bringing LAWN CARE in house. I'm tired of seeing my customers tree and shrubs get damaged every year because MOST lawn care companies care more about profit than they do your plants. They buy cheap herbicides that damage your trees, shrubs, and soil conditions. Check out our recent article about liquid aeration vs core aeration.


LAWN MITE sprays start in February...Don't wait!


Thank you for your loyalty and for your valuable time.


Chad Szpunar