Tree Removal

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The last option…

Sadly, there are times when a tree needs to be removed. Many of the trees across the front range are old non-native species that have outlived their lifespan. Also, diseases and insect problems if not caught early enough can result in irreversible problems and the death of the tree. Our team is experienced in safely removing trees of any size. Whether it’s a technical, simple, or crane removal we are equipped and experienced to handle it.

Your property and safety are our primary concern!

Tree removal is not only dangerous and difficult in some cases but if not done by experienced arborists or tree workers it is also hazardous to your property. There are of course the obvious reasons such as limbs hitting or damaging your house but there’s many other factors to consider.

For example, are there power lines, cable lines, phone lines under the tree? Are there fences, walkways, flagstone, decks, and planters? Do you have a lawn that could be damaged or garden beds in the area that could be smashed?

Our arborists and tree workers are fully equipped to safely handle any removal situation, and most importantly we put you and your property's well-being first.

Stump Grinding: Great Western Tree Care does offer stump grinding services if you wish to get the tree stump below grade. Grinding can allow you to sod over the area or plant a new tree in the general area.

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